Medical Surgical Unit

Our 26 bed MedSurg department is located on the second floor and is equipped to handle your medical needs. Our dedicated staff will provide high quality, patient centered, compassionate care throughout your hospital stay. We know you have a choice in Health Care and we are privileged to take care of you. It’s truly an honor having you place your trust in us.

Your hospital experience is important to us.

Please see the following for additional helpful information.

Admission: When you are admitted to our unit, we ask lots of questions regarding your health history and present illness. This is to determine the best course of action to take that will help you the most. Anything you feel we should know to help us care for you is appreciated. Our care is centered on you.

Pediatrics: Having a hospitalized child can be stressful for parents and caregivers. When your child is a patient we do our best to make both the patient and the parents comfortable. We realize that your support is an important part of their treatment and recovery. We require that all children 16 years old and under have a parent or guardian present at all times. Please let us know if there are any further accommodations we can provide.


Pain Management: During your stay the doctors and nurses will ask about your pain. We will ask where it hurts and the type of pain you are experiencing. Taking care of your pain is important to us. We use a “pain scale” to rate your pain. Our staff will listen to as you describe your pain and determine what type of medicine or other pain relief methods to use. It’s also important to tell us if medication we have given has not helped or if your pain suddenly changes.

Medication: During your admission, we will ask you about the medications you take regularly at home. All medications whether prescribed or over the counter are requested. When you have a particular medication that is not in our formulary, we may request that you bring your medication in for us to administer during your stay. All home medications will be returned to you on discharge.

Safety: Your safety and security is especially important to us. We complete safety rounds on each patient and assess for needs. Call lights are placed within reach. The call center is manned by our unit secretary at the nursing station and all calls are answers as quickly as possible. Should you have any additional needs or safety concerns please bring it to the attention of one of our staff members.

Falls: Our motto is “Please call, don’t fall”. We assess and initiate fall precautions for patients at an increased risk for falls. Additional supervision, rooms closer to the nursing station, safe footwear, room lighting, call lights and bed alarms are utilized to prevent falls. We make every effort to protect our patients from additional injury. Remember to call for assistance when needed.

Discharge: You will be given a discharge packet that includes your follow up appointment information, diagnosis education and medication instructions. Home care and follow up directions are important parts of your recovery. We want to make sure you understand all the information provided. If we have not answered all your questions or you have additional concerns, please let us know.