Sleep Studies

Dorminy Medical Center has the most comprehensive sleep study available in this area. We have upgraded from a 10 channel to a 32 channel state of the art system. Here’s what our patients have to say:


“The sleep study lab is operated by caring individuals who create a personable and first-class experience. Not realizing that my oxygen level was being depleted during the night, I wondered where the headaches were coming from. Since the second sleep study, I have obtained a CPAP machine for use at home. Those pesky morning headaches have diminished. As I get more comfortable sleeping with a machine, I am confident that I will become a new person –  or better yet, the person that I was 15 years ago – with more energy and capability to recall what happened yesterday.”Sincerely,Donna Harper


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Could you be at risk? Take our quiz!

Check all that apply:

  1. During the day I feel tired
  2. I feel depressed and sad
  3. I worry too much and have trouble falling asleep
  4. People tell me I snore
  5. My blood pressure is too high
  6. I sweat at night
  7. People tell me I am irritable
  8. I have trouble concentrating
  9. I have trouble staying awake during the day
  10. People tell me I stop breathing in my sleep
  11. I have problems with heartburn
  12. I kick or move a lot during my sleep
  13. I wake up at night and have trouble breathing
  14. I am overweight or have a big neck
  15. I wake up with headaches
  16. I fall asleep while driving
  17. I wake up several times at night
  18. My sex drive has decreased
  19. I wake up feeling tired and achy
  20. I wake up with pain in my legs

If you answered yes to two or more, you should contact your physician to discuss your symptoms further. You may have a sleep disorder, known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).