Dorminy Diabetes Management Clinic

At the Dorminy Diabetes Management Clinic we offer patients personal attention and advice on how to manage your diabetes.

Our clinic is located on the third floor of Dorminy Medical Center

Clinic Hours: 8am – 5pm   Monday – Friday

At the Dorminy Diabetes Management Clinic, we create an individualized care plan based on the patient’s diabetic symptoms, metabolism, and medical history to determine the best treatment plan for you. Our Diabetes Team consists of a Nurse Practitioner, nurses and medical assistants.

A diabetes management program can include:

Weight and nutrition education
• Smoking and alcohol cessation counseling
• Physical therapies
• Wound care

We use an FDA-approved infusion “smart” pump to mimic the insulin delivery patterns of a healthy pancreas. This helps re-program the signaling and communication processes between the pancreas and other cells in the body addressing the root cause of diabetes, insulin resistance, and underproduction, instead of only treating the symptoms.

How does this process work?

This therapy involves recreating the initial elevated insulin release response that occurs when glucose from a meal enters our bloodstream, along with the more consistent basal rhythms of normal pancreatic insulin release. This, coupled with an alternating regimen of glucose ingestion, synthesizes the body’s natural process of using insulin to convert glucose to energy. The patient's medical history, previous lab values, and other physiologic indicators drive a personally tailored approach to the patient's care plan and therapy management. This individualized method is a highly effective and efficient way of sensitizing the patient’s body to the insulin it needs to properly digest and dispose of glucose in the bloodstream.

The treatment is designed to reduce insulin resistance, which is the primary cause of Type-2 diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Your treatment:

  • Diagnostic testing and blood work
  • Disease assessment and individualized care planning
  • Infusion therapy sessions
  • Diabetic self-management education
  • Nutrition and exercise education
  • Access to remote patient monitoring and care
  • Access to in-home medical devices to help manage care
  • Comfortable reclining massage chairs
  • Entertainment options to help pass the time 
  • Socialize with new friends and friendly staff
  • Free drop-in visits for weigh-ins and blood-glucose checks

For more information, contact us at 229.424.7197
Fax referrals to 229.999.8349.