Departments at Dorminy Medical Center

Welcome to Dorminy Medical Center. Thank you for choosing your local hospital for your healthcare needs. We look forward to serving you and your family. Our staff is composed of dedicated, compassionate people who are committed to our mission to be the community’s preferred choice for healthcare services. Our vision is to help the people of Ben Hill County and surrounding areas live healthier and happier lives.

We believe that we can fulfill this mission and vision by partnering with you in your care.


Phones:  229-424-7258, 229-424-7170 or 229-424-7132

Stacie Mims, CEO / CNO

Paige Wynn, CFO


Phone:  229-220-6575

Craig Merrifield, CRNA

Behavioral Health (Geri Psych)

Phones:  229-424-7491 or 229-424-7268

Lisa Foster, Department Manager

Business Office

Phone:  229-424-7451

Jamie Luke, Department Manager

Cardiopulmonary Services

Phones:  229-424-7158 or 229-424-7234

Janet Hudson, Department Manager

Case Management

Phones:  229-424-7120, 229-424-7370 or 229-424-7124

Beth Bryant

Kim Melton

Tabitha Carelock, Department Manager

Community Relations

Phone:  229-424-7107

Holley Lee, Director


Phones:  229-424-7101 or 229-424-7129

Tonya Whitman, Department Manager


Phone:  229-424-7278

Renee Flowers, Department Manager

Emergency Room

Phone:  229-424-7241

Tracey Roberson, Department Manager

Employee Health and Infection Control

Phone:  229-424-7327

Debbie Brown, Department Manager


Phone:  229-424-4365

Ron Jordan, Department Manager

Brandi McCrimmon, Secretary

Environmental Services

Phone:  229-424-7102

Sammy Ross, Department Manager

Gift Shop

Phone:  229-424-7133

(Front Lobby)


Phone:  229-424-7136

Terri Tucker, Department Manager

Human Resources

Phone:  229-424-7135

Denise McDonald, Department Manager


Phones:  229-424-7248 or 229-424-7256

Jackie Harper, Department Manager

IT Department

Phone:  229-424-7156

Chris Ward, Department Manager

Labor and Delivery

Phones:  229-424-7340 or 229-424-7404

Lynn Marsh, RN, Department Manager - Interim


Phones:  229-424-7171 or 229-424-7160

David Davis, Department Manager

Medical Imaging

Phones:  229-424-7409 or 229-424-7375

Don Evans, Department Manager

Caren Greer, Mammography

Medical Surgical Unit

Phones:  229-424-7248 or 229-424-7254

Jackie Harper, Department Manager


Phone:  229-424-7359

Wendy Shiver, Department Manager

Operating Room

Phone:  229-424-4246

Lynn Marsh, Department Manager

Patient Access

Phones:  229-424-1410 or 229-424-7351

Patricia Carelock, Department Manager


Phone:  229-424-7235

Arthur Hill, Department Manager

Physical Therapy

Phones:  229-424-7286 or 229-424-7104

Ross Campbell, PT

Quality Management

Phone:  229-424-7166

Milton Rathbun, Department Manager

Risk Management

Phone:  229-424-7120

Beth Bryant, Department Manager

Same Day Surgery

Phones:  229-424-7401 or 229-424-7402

(Nurse Station)

Speech Therapy

Phone: 229-424-7291

Emily Howell, Department Manager

Sleep Study

Phone:  229-424-7158

Janet Hudson, Department Manager


Phone:  229-424-7143

Marsha Wright, Department Manager

Swing Bed

Phone:  229-424-7248

Jackie Harper, Department Manager